This business is based on the loan of money backed by the purchase of real estate with a re-purchase agreement or leaseback. Trust Inmobiliario acts as an articulator, integrator and guarantor that guarantees both parties that the operation can reach the agreed terms, uniting both worlds, that of investors and that of property owners in need of liquidity.

It is a financial business backed by real estate.

The profit of this business is 3% per month. The objective is only to work with those people or companies that need liquidity. The idea is to act as an investment fund and that they have a real estate to back a loan and that they are liable to be rebanked in a period of one year or a year and a half maximum. The idea is to act as an Investment Fund, to be a mortgage entity, to become an entity that provides money to people who need liquidity and who are not currently accepted by traditional Banking, since they have taken over the permitted debt capacity of according to banking regulations or any other scenario that does not allow them to access immediate bank financing. No operation will be accepted with terminal cases, which do not have the possibility of repurchasing the property, since the business is financial and the spirit is for the investor to recover his money, plus the agreed legitimate profit and not to keep the property. In the event that the debtor is unable to exercise his obligation to repurchase the property within the agreed term, he will be given an extension of term of about 3 0 6 months more (depending on the case) and if this term is met, he will proceed By mutual agreement to the sale of the property at market value, and from the sale, the investor will obtain his money plus interest and the debtor, the balance of money. The properties will be backed by an appraisal or those deemed necessary to assure the investor that the real estate corresponds to the estimated value and thus avoid supporting loans with overvalued homes, with artificial prices of real estate bubbles.

We offer financial operations backed by real estate:
– Bridge Businesses.
– Businesses of good quality, solid and with good flows.

We offer a portfolio of projects of different sizes.

We invite you to meet and discuss together if any project is mutually convenient and attractive to both of us, we develop a plan and execute it.

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